Chef’s Alliance

Food is a great way of connecting people, and at the core of Slow Food lies the idea that we come together to explore and share ideas that promote good food and wholesome living. Being foodies, we often find that the best way to do that is over a good meal and we're lucky that the South Coast is home to some amazing restaurants and cafe's.

Chefs/cooks play an important role in any food community, which is why we are working on the formation of a Chef's Alliance. The Chef's Alliance is a way to connect chefs/cooks with local producers and make them aware of the biodiversity that exists in our region. By committing to use more local seasonal produce, farmers will have a more reliable income and less food waste and diners will get a taste of truly local food.

Snail of Approval
Slow Food encourages all local food establishments to adopt more sustainable practises and is keen for restaurants and other food outlets to use more locally produced ingredients and look at ways to better manage their footprint. To promote these practises we are launching a Snail of Approval program to recognise and support outlets that contribute to the quality, authenticity and sustainability of our local food supply.  There are three possible Snails of Approval:

Chef's Snail: cooks, restaurants, cafe's that prepare and sell food with high local content
Producer's Snail: outlets that grow food stuffs or make value added goods with high local content
Providore's Snail: shops which sell a significant ratio of goods made by local producers and actively promote them

Alliance recognition is reviewed annually and will allow establishments to display Slow Food logo's and branding on menu's and publicity materials in accordance with our guidelines. They will also receive a certificate and 'Snail of Approval' window sticker.

If you would like to apply for a Snail of Approval, please download and email us the form below, and we'll get in touch with you to discuss.


And if you want to join us at one of our foodie events look us up on Facebook and check out our events.