What We Do

Through social activities, we explore and celebrate the Slow Life, and share ideas that promote wholesome living over convenience and monocultures. Being 'foodies', we often find that the best way to do that is over a good meal.  As we don't get any funding, most of our events have a fundraising element to them, which enables us to continue to promote all things Good, Clean and Fair in our region. Of course we also try and align with other organisations that share the Slow Food philosophy, so we have a bigger voice and reach more people.

Next to our social activities, our main projects for the Shoalhaven are:

  • Slow Food Ark of Taste - which helps protect our unique food biodiversity
  • Education on and promotion of all things Good, Clean and Fair
  • Supporting and promoting our local producers 
  • A bulk food co-op (members only)

Being part of a global movement, we also support international projects that are important in realising a better, cleaner and fairer food system.