Welcome to Slow Food South Coast

Thanks for your interest in Slow Food! We are a local Slow Food community on the South Coast of New South Wales. As members of the Australian and global grassroots Slow Food Network, we are all about Good, Clean and Fair Food for all. We believe we all need to play an active part in fixing our broken food system and help protect our food biodiversity. By better understanding where our food comes from, how and by whom it was produced and whether the price we pay for it is fair, our everyday food decisions can make a difference to our community, our country, and the planet.

If you care about supporting our local South Coast (Shoalhaven) /regional farmers/growers, producers and fishermen, protecting our food sovereignty and learning more about growing, preparing or eating tasty, seasonal, fresh and wholesome food, or if you are keen to meet some like-minded foodies in our beautiful part of the world, Slow Food South Coast may be the group for you. We hope you will join us, and look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!