About Slow Food South Coast

A better, cleaner and fairer world begins with
the food you put on your plate

Our daily food choices determine our impact on our health, our environment, the economy, and society. If you care about our local farmers and fishermen; animal welfare; reducing food waste and the use of plastic; avoiding GMOs and pesticides; growing and eating foods that nourish you and your family; protecting biodiversity and preserving local food traditions; or just hanging out with local like-minded foodies, we'd love for you to join our movement!

Slow Food South Coast is part of a national and global network of volunteers that are passionate about linking the pleasures of good food with a commitment to protecting food biodiversity and preserving local food traditions. Our vision as an international grassroots organisation is Good, Clean and Fair Food for All.

GOOD:        quality, flavoursome, healthy food
CLEAN:       produced with respect for planet, animals, people
FAIR:           good conditions and pay for (small-scale) 
FOR ALL:   at affordable prices for everyone

As we are a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organisation, the proceeds of our fundraising activities go towards Slow Food on local/regional activities that help create a better and fairer food system. Part of our proceeds also support important Global Slow Food Projects.

By getting involved in Slow Food South Coast, you can actively help create a better food system in our local community, and you will be joining an international movement of like-minded people that seek alternatives to our industrial food system. By joining the millions that are 'voting with their fork' we will be able to demand change from the giants that are controlling our food supply. With your membership fees, we will be able to support even more local, regional and international projects related to responsible local food production and the protection of biodiversity. For more information, or to join, send us a message via our contact page.