On the hunt for Ark of Taste

Slow Food Shoalhaven committee has had several meetings with local Aboriginal Elder Noel Butler and his wife Trish Roberts to nominate potentially endangered native Australian Foods from the Shoalhaven region to the Ark of Taste. So far, 6 food products have been nominated, of which 4 have been accepted to board the Ark - meaning these unique Shoalhaven/Australian native foods will be protected and promoted through the Slow Food network to ensure people get to know them and we do not lose them for future generations. A great achievement for our Convivium after the International call to action to list more Australian products to the Ark of Taste!

Another 10-15 foods will be documented for nomination in the next few months. Noel is writing extensive descriptions for all products, and Ollie Cool has kindly offered her photographic skills to make sure we have great photographs of all of them as well. For some of the nominated products, Noel and Trish will begin trials to propagate and - if successful - look into distribution of seeds/seedlings.

Native Food that isn't endangered but not well known as a food will be introduced to members as part of local indigenous food education activities that we will organise going forward.

You can be an explorer too! If you know of any local products - indigenous or not - that need to board the Ark of Taste, please contact your local committee or nominate directly online.